Sunday, 17 March 2013

Re-using Malifaux figures for Pulp Alley

I'm planning to re-use some of my many Malifaux figures for Pulp Alley so I thought I'd post a few photos with my plans for using them. The first 4 photos are of the von Schill Freikorps set.

Ferdinand von Schill will be the leader of my first league with Elsa the Librarian as his sidekick. Rounding out this group is Ziggy the Specialist with his flamethrower. All the figures wear armour and gas masks so I'm planning on taking that into account with Danger Sense, Untouchable & Lucky Devil for von Schill. He will be used aggressively providing the main punch with Elsa, his sometime lover, being the brains. She'll use her extensive knowledge to grant an extra Fortune card each turn and her knowledge of medicine to give her Indomitable. Ziggy will look to hold off foes with blasts of flame.

Rounding out the group will be Hans the Hunter with his sniper rifle and two as yet unnamed Freikorpsmen.

Rear View

Rear View

These friendly fellows are 'Silurids'. I'm thinking about using them as creatures from the black lagoon type monsters. Maybe with a Witch Queen of New Orleans as the boss. Not sure how to fill out the league yet.

The first two here are 'Stitched together' the other three 'Witchling Stalkers'. I'm thinking about using these as part of some sort of Cthulu type cult. Again it would need rounding out.

This is Collodi and his four puppets. These should make a really creepy crew with Collodi as the boss with his puppet minions. I have a few creepy little stuffed doll type figures that could go with these, but as with the others my thinking is still in the early stages.

Once I finalise my thoughts I'll post up the leagues and their abilities.

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