Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Re-Basing Begins

Having decided on the rules I'm going to use I've now started on re-basing the 500 or so figures making up my British and French forces. I've got three French battalions done so far and I've already got re-baser's thumb! This debilitating condition is caused by the sharp protrusions on the figure bases digging into your thumb as you try to carve away the glue and basing compounds.

I'm probably going to leave the bases bare until I've re-based all the figures and then add the scenic effects.

As I expected I've ended up with bunch of spare figures I can't use like standard bearers because the figures I bought were organised in units of 16, not the 24 I'm using. I'm also still pondering what to do with the Confederation of the Rhine units. The uniforms are too different to just merge them into larger units like I did with the French line units. I can probably make one 24 man unit and maybe one more with some judicious repainting but I may just put them all on eBay and use the proceeds to buy some more painted French figures.

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