Sunday, 10 February 2013

I succumb to the lure of eBay again!

I've been wanting to get back into historical gaming (ACW, Napoleonic, WSS, Renaissance) for a while now, but not having any figures painted up has been a problem. The majority of local players don't play these periods so that means that I need to provide both armies to get a game. Although I have plenty of time to paint figures I'm terrible at getting things done unless I have a deadline to work towards. This is usually a game I've arranged which forces me to buckle down and get painting. But having to paint two armies really means I have to have them both done before I can arrange a game. So I'm in a bit of a catch 22 situation, I don't buckle down to paint without a game arranged and I can't arrange a game until I have the figures painted.

So I've been looking at painting services but I can't justify the cost when I have the time to paint things myself. That means checking out eBay on the off chance of a bargain. That's when I spotted two auctions of painted 15mm Napoleonic armies, British and French. The French army was listed as being over one hundred and sixty infantry, thirty plus cavalry, four cannon, one ammo carriage, eight Generals, one command tent, redoubts, and barges for river crossings.

Part of the French forces

The British was bigger with over two hundred infantry, over fifty cavalry, five arty and crew, four gun carriages, nine general officers and Wellington, command tent, redoubts, destroyed cannon and a gun carriage.

A shot of some of the British figures

The painting looked ok in the photos included. So I thought if I could get them for the cost of the metal it would be a good deal. I'd decided to go to £90 for the French and £100 or maybe £110 for the bigger British force. The French army finished first and I'd decided that if I didn't get it I wouldn't bother with the British force. So with 18 seconds left the bidding was at £67 pounds and I put in my max bid of £90 and waited. I got lucky and won the army for £69 + £10 postage. A good price as it was less than the cost of the metal.

The British force was at £55 and I put in my max bid of £100 with 18 seconds to go and it sat at £57 pounds until 1 second to go when it shot up to £100. A sniper had put in a bid of £100 as well but as I'd bid first I'd won.

So over 360 infantry, 80+ cavalry, 9 artillery pieces, 18 generals plus various barges, camps, redoubts etc all painted for a total of £188.98 inc postage. Well under the cost of the metal alone so I'm pretty happy with my purchases. I'll do some pictures when they arrive.


  1. A bargin! A great start for both sides.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with them now all I need is an opponent.


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