Friday 6 December 2013

Quick Review: Deadzone Marauder Pyro

Today's random pick is the Pyro for the Marauders faction. All the minis come packed as shown below with no indication of what the models are or any instructions of how the pieces go together.

As there's only one mini in the pack there's no confusion about which parts go with which model. All the parts have different shaped lugs and sockets so it's obvious which part goes where.

There are minimal mould lines in only a couple of places but there is a bit of flash on a couple of the parts on the sprue. The parts cleaned up okay, just be careful trimming the lugs on the arms.

I dry fitted all the pieces individually and they went in with no problems. However as you can see in the photo below once assembled there's a big problem where the left arm should join the flamethrower. As the position of the arms is fixed by the lugs and sockets they're obviously in the right place so I tried trimming off some of the plastic on the weapon where it meets the chest but it made no difference. In the end I filled the gap with green stuff. Whether this is a one-off, some mistake I made or a design flaw we'll have to see once others build their Pyros.

Nice figure, I especially like the tank on his back. Gap aside I'm looking forward to painting this up. As usual a Mantic ghoul is added as a size comparison.

Tune in tomorrow for another random pick from the box. Hopefully with no more badly fitting pieces.


  1. That's quite the gap! I would have been interested to see a photo of your repair fill as well. With positioning issues like this you can try the hot/cold water technique. The material is quite malleable when it's warm, which makes it quite easy to reposition. I'm uncertain if this would have helped much with a gap that sizeable however!

    1. I thought about heating the arm up to bend it but it was just as easy to fill.

  2. My Pyro was the same way. I just filled in the gap with green stuff too.

  3. Disappointing but at least its an easy fix.


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